When Things Go Wrong & How to Fix It

BUNDLED COURSES! Sometimes things go wrong, either by mistake or intention. In these courses you’ll learn about all the things that can go wrong with a tax return, including criminal activity. You’ll find out how to fix some of the issues. And you’ll know how to help your clients if IRS collections are necessary.

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Total of 5 CPE credits.


Course Description

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Here are the objectives for these courses.

The 2 credit course on Criminal Tax Investigations will enable you to:

  • State the role of IRS-Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) in the IRS mission
  • Identify how IRS-CI finds and evaluates investigations for prosecution potential
  • Differentiate the two ways that IRS-CI can investigate tax crimes
  • Identify the tools that IRS-CI uses in investigating potential criminal violations
  • Explain the common criminal statutes used to prosecute criminal tax violations
  • Sequence the steps in the approval process for a criminal tax investigation
  • Classify the expected consequences of defendant in a successful criminal tax prosecution
  • Discuss case studies of various criminal prosecutions

The 1 credit course on Amended Returns will enable you to:

  • Identify when and why an amended return should be filed
  • Prepare an amended return using Form 1040-X
  • File and track an amended return

The 2 credit course on IRS Collections and Installment Arrangements will enable you to:

  • Identify the rights specified in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights;
  • Describe the maximum period of time the IRS may collect taxes due from a taxpayer;
  • List the tax payment alternatives available to a taxpayer;
  • Recognize the IRS decisions that may be challenged by a taxpayer; and
  • Compare the Collection Due Process and Collection Appeals Program.

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CPE Facts

Affiliation* CPE Awarded Delivery Method Field of Study Course ID Sponsor ID
NASBA 5 Self-Study Taxes N/A 103137
CTEC 5/0 Self-Study Federal Tax Law N/A 3038
IRS 5 Self-Study Federal Tax Law N/A FQTGU
Texas State Board of Accountancy 5 Self-Study Taxes N/A 002921
Pennsylvania State Board of Public Accountancy 2.5 Self-Study (Non-Interactive) Taxes N/A

* Individuals with other professional credentials should check with their state licensing board or accrediting organization to determine if this program meets their continuing education requirements.

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