Taking Care of Business: Corps, S Corps, Partnerships

BUNDLED COURSES! So many ways to structure a business – so many tax implications. Whether your clients are a corporation, an S corp, or a partnership, we’ve got you covered. We’ll give you background on the various structures, some key tax implications, and guidance on how to complete the right forms and schedules.

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Total of 6 CPE credits.


Course Description

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Here are the objectives for these courses.

The 2-credit course on Form 1120 will help you:

  • Explain the structures and tax implications of a corporation.
  • Prepare Form 1120 in compliance with IRS rules.
  • Identify other tax topics and forms such as Form 1125-A.

The 2-credit course on Form 1120-S will help you:

  • Define an S Corporation and distinguish it from other business structures.
  • Prepare Form 1120-S in compliance with IRS rules.
  • Identify other tax topics and forms such as Schedules K-2 and K-3.

The 2-credit course on Form 1065 will help you:

  • Define what a partnership is and the types of partnerships.
  • State the requirements for forming, maintaining, and dissolving a partnership.
  • Accurately complete Form 1065.
  • Identify the rules for how income should be reported and what deductions are permitted

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CPE Facts

Affiliation* CPE Awarded Delivery Method Field of Study Course ID Sponsor ID
NASBA 6 Self-Study Taxes N/A 103137
CTEC 6/0 Self-Study Federal Tax Law N/A 3038
IRS 6 Self-Study Federal Tax Law N/A FQTGU
Texas State Board of Accountancy 6 Self-Study Taxes N/A 002921
Pennsylvania State Board of Public Accountancy 3 Self-Study (Non-Interactive) Taxes N/A

* Individuals with other professional credentials should check with their state licensing board or accrediting organization to determine if this program meets their continuing education requirements.

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