Ready to Retire: What your clients need to know

BUNDLED COURSES! You probably have clients who are ready to retire or are planning for it someday. These courses will prepare you to help your clients understand the issues around Social Security, retirement plans, and recording their retirement income.

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Total of 8 CPE credits.


Course Description

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Here are the objectives for these courses.

The 3 credit Social Security course will help you:

  • Explain the history of Social Security and the benefits offered
  • Identify how Social Security affects the preparation of tax returns
  • Understand important financial planning considerations related to Social Security

The 3 credit course on Retirement Plans Pensions and Annuities will help you:

  • Distinguish between the types of qualified employee plans;
  • Recognize the limits imposed on qualified employee plan contributions and benefits;
  • List the requirements applicable to qualified employee plan loans;
  • Apply the federal tax laws to qualified employee plan contributions and distributions;
  • Recognize the tax treatment of nonqualified annuity distributions;  and
  • Identify the tax treatment of annuity contributions and distributions.

The 2 credit course on Recording Retirement Income will help you:

  • Define the different types of retirement plans
  • Identify when a taxpayer must take distributions
  • Calculate RMD
  • Summarize the use of form 5329 for lack of full RMD
  • Explain the rules regarding distributions of inherited plans
  • Detail tax planning strategies for retirees

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CPE Facts

Affiliation* CPE Awarded Delivery Method Field of Study Course ID Sponsor ID
NASBA 8 Self-Study Taxes N/A 103137
CTEC 8/0 Self-Study Federal Tax Law N/A 3038
IRS 8 Self-Study Federal Tax Law N/A FQTGU
Texas State Board of Accountancy 8 Self-Study Taxes N/A 002921
Pennsylvania State Board of Public Accountancy 4 Self-Study (Non-Interactive) Taxes N/A

* Individuals with other professional credentials should check with their state licensing board or accrediting organization to determine if this program meets their continuing education requirements.

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